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Gold was discovered in Gympie in 1867 by James Nash.  

Once the gold fields were established were an interest to investors.  Gympie was known for the high standard of managing the mines which was attractive to investors.  It is with great pleasure that we enable you to see some of the many mines that were in operation in the early 1900.  Within six months there were 15,000 men on the field.  Some of the areas were, Nash's Gully, Whites Gully, Sailor's Gully, Deep Creek.  I was a common occurrence to obtain  an ounce of gold in the dish and  large  nuggets were unearthed.  The most famous nugget ,a great mass of pure gold, found by a Mr. George Curtis in February 1868, weighing 975 ounces, valued at 3,675 pounds. 

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