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Congratulations to our Christmas Raffle Winners!!

1st prize – Sunbeam 5.5L Slow Cooker - C Barton
2nd prize – ‘My Family’ Lily Anne Designs Pendant - Gayle Laycock
3rd prize – Building your Family Tree - Trish Gabbana
4th prize – $30.00 GFHS Research Voucher - Tony & Margaret White
5th prizeOur Family Tree & Album - Danielle

Thank you to everyone for their support.


A Collection of Brief Histories and Stories on the lives of the people listed here interred & commemorated in the Two Mile Cemetery Gympie is available. 

Welcome to the web page of our society. We hope you enjoy your visit and find information on the Gympie area and the people who once lived in the district. 

Gympie Family History Society Inc. was founded in 1980 and has grown from a small group of members helping each other carry out research to a well equipped Society with our own rooms and a large library reference and research facility.  The Society enjoys a good working relationship with the Gympie Library's Historical section and is supported by the Gympie Regional Council.


Our Society is at a well known landmark (Old Railway Station) easy to find with convenient car park and shops for lunch. Inside our rooms are spacious with a tea room, quiet areas as well as separate photocopying room & office.

The Society maintains links with other genealogical and family history groups and reciprocal rights are enjoyed with a number of them, which members can visit and where they can conduct research.  Some restrictions may apply.

Projects that our Society undertakes involves our members carrying out research for the purpose of collating and collecting local knowledge for maintaining our history.  This information  is then produced in book form and sold.  Funds from the sales of these books are used to provide additional research materials for our library.

We also have provided a list of research materials in our area. There are three locations in the Gympie area to conduct research.  Our Society at the Old Railway Ticket Office.  The Gympie Regional Library & The Latter Day Saints on the south-side of Gympie (see Other Centres.)  We have an extensive list of Books, Fiche, Films, Compact Disc at the Gympie Family History Society  to assist you to find that elusive relative.  Our Researchers and on duty members have many years of experience to start you on the right track.  To get started is relatively inexpensive, and you can be sure that the fee you pay to join our society, goes back into purchasing more research material and running costs only.

25th Anniversary Photos

35th Anniversary Photos

Postal Address: P.O. Box 767 Gympie, Queensland, Australia. 4570.

Research Officer: please email


Annual: $35.00 AUD. for a single person & $45.00 AUD. for a full family membership.

Junior Members age 12-17 year  $5.00 AUD. with a financial parent. Individual Junior  member for $15.00 AUD. with no financial parent.

Member Application Form (new) 

Member Application Form (renewal)

Library Hours: (See our Events Calendar)

Wednesday       9:30am to 2:00pm.

Friday               9:30am to 12:00pm.

Saturday           1:00pm to 4:00pm.


Monthly Meeting - 1st Saturday of the month at 2:00pm

We take this opportunity to encourage you to join and research your family and participate in the activities of the societyYou may wish to visit our Research Rooms at the ticket office of the old Gympie railway station.  We guarantee a friendly atmosphere in a spacious comfortable facility.  If you are visiting the Gympie area or taking a trip on the "Rattler" and are interested in what we do, pop in and say hi!

This site has information on it about Genealogy, Family History, Births, Marriages, Deaths, Cemeteries, Research in Gympie, Mining, Miners.

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Veteran Anemometer The Veteran Weather Station is situated approximately 7 kilometres  NE of Gympie, Queensland, Australia. Industry in the area consists mainly of dairying, timber and small crops. The Climate is subtropical
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